Applying an Investor’s Perspective to the Practice of Property Management

The Sawyer Realty Holdings LLC (Sawyer) proven investment model, implemented in select markets across the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic, has provided substantial returns to our investors over the last two decades. Using an effective set of managerial techniques, our headquarters and site-based property management teams strive to maximize value by implementing operating efficiencies and improving physical appeal and financial output as part of the business plan for the investment. Drawing on our considerable expertise in multi-family markets, we concentrate on acquiring properties that have the potential for substantial appreciation.

Because many of our transactions involve assets that may appear to have operational difficulties and deficiencies, Sawyer structures deals conservatively to avoid marginal transactions. Our success, proven discipline, and fiduciary approach to all investments has earned the trust of some of the most prominent names in real estate lending.

The result is a Sawyer community – a vibrant and exciting place to live that is also a valuable asset for the company, our investors, and our stakeholders.

Core Operating Philosophies

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  • Risk Tolerance Icon Risk Tolerance
  • Community Involvement Icon Community Involvement
  • Portfolio Development Portfolio Development
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