Investing in Properties That Have the Potential for Substantial Appreciation in Value

The key to our success is our focus on the acquisition of multi-family housing of all classes that may be deemed undervalued, underperforming, mismanaged, or otherwise out-of-favor. Since 1997, Sawyer Realty Holdings LLC (Sawyer) has acquired over 137 apartment communities comprised of nearly 40,000 units with a value in excess of $2.6 billion. We identify properties with excellent potential for strong cash flow and appreciation and develop disciplined business plans with clearly defined and measurable strategic goals.

Our acquisition team responds to potential acquisitions quickly and evaluates them by performing detailed analyses of market conditions, operating performance, physical condition, and the potential for value enhancement. Once the acquisition decision is made the team moves expeditiously to close the transaction, taking advantage of our ready access to debt and equity capital. With strong relationships in the capital markets, Sawyer can close transactions quicker and more efficiently than other firms.

While we have expanded our acquisition criteria to include virtually any type of multi-family property, historically the core of our investment philosophy has been to acquire apartment communities with the potential for value enhancement through improved management and capital expenditure programs.

Acquisition Criteria

  • Garden, townhome, mid-rise, and high-rise apartment communities
  • Single properties of at least 100 units (multi-property portfolios preferred)
  • Primary and secondary metropolitan areas throughout the East Coast (opportunities in other markets will be considered)
  • Markets with stable or growing populations and employment opportunities with high barriers to entry
  • Attractive pricing relative to replacement costs
  • Core, value-added, and distressed properties

Sawyer Realty Holdings LLC selectively offers properties from its portfolio for sale.
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