Creating Value with Improved Management Practices and Advanced Business Processes

Property Management & Improvements

The timely acquisition of a property is just the first step in creating a Sawyer Realty Holdings LLC (Sawyer) community. Once the property has been acquired and is part of our portfolio, Sawyer in-house property management teams immediately begin the process of improving the property and executing the business plan to create operating efficiencies. This includes the implementation of our engineer’s scope, defined during due diligence for upgrades to the physical systems, addressing deferred maintenance, making cosmetic improvements and enhancements, providing a fresh look for the property, preparing for its reintroduction back into the market with a competitive product, and a full-service management presence.

Using our established and effective business processes, Sawyer management professionals maintain a high level of quality control while stabilizing costs at the same time. In addition, with a culture of entrepreneurship, there are consistent incentives for the highest levels of performance, promoting value-add creativity and incentive-based opportunities for each community.

Profitable Results

The tangible results of our property and asset management perspective is evident to all our stakeholders – residents see an immediate change in day-to-day operations and their living environment, lenders see improvements in the condition of the collateral and become more secure in their relationship with our team, and investors are impressed with our depth of experience and knowledge of all types of leasing markets. Sawyer has maintained a reputation of accountability and this has led to an exemplary track record of solid returns for our investing community.