Sawyer Realty Holdings LLC Has Been Providing Real Estate Investments for Over 20 Years

As a privately held real estate investment and management firm with access to deep financial resources, Sawyer Realty Holdings LLC (Sawyer) has a unique ability to envision, assemble, and structure extraordinary real estate transactions.

Our transactions are characterized by innovative financing which are made possible by longstanding relationships in the capital and lending markets. Because of our ability to act quickly and independently, we use our expertise to evaluate a transaction and develop a highly specific business plan.

The Sawyer strategy is to leverage the promise of real estate by acquiring undervalued multi-family properties and then maintaining and operating the property while seeking high performance results.

Our real estate assets increase in value due to our hard-working team of property specialists, supported by our decentralized management philosophy. This means the team members closest to the property operate with considerable autonomy in attempting to create and add value. This culture of entrepreneurship, a key component of the Sawyer operational structure, makes every property more valuable.

Our Vision

The core vision of the company is to utilize real estate as an investment vehicle to enrich all our affiliated stakeholders, including employees, lenders, suppliers, investors, officers, and principals, while providing an exceptional quality of living for the residents whose trust we must earn every day.

We accomplish this purpose through the core values that we deem essential:

  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

In this way, we have been, and remain, an integral player in the creation of communities and of the sharing of wealth for over 20 years.

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Affiliations & Associations

Sawyer has enjoyed associations and affiliations both past and present with these prestigious industry leaders:

  • Apartment and Office Building Owner's Association (AOBA) Apartment and Office Building Owner's Association (AOBA)
  • BOMA Builders Owners & Managers Institute (BOMA)
  • Southeast Florida Apartment Association (SEFAA) Greater Southeast Florida Apartment Association (SEFAA)
  • Florida Apartment Association
  • IREM Institute of Real Estate Management
  • Maryland Multi-Housing Association (MMHA)
  • AAGO The Apartment Association of Greater Orlando (AAGO)
  • TCAA Tri-City Apartment Association
  • Property Management Association of Washington, DC
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The History of Sawyer Realty Holdings LLC

  • 1993 – Sawyer Realty Holdings LLC founded, owns and manages apartment communities in Massachusetts
  • 1997 – Sawyer purchases and manages a portfolio of 2,300 apartments comprised of 13 properties located in Prince George and Montgomery Counties in Maryland
  • 1997 – Sawyer opens an office in Maryland, establishing Sawyer Property Management of Maryland
  • 1999 – Sawyer purchases and manages six apartment communities in Maryland, totaling 1,100 units
  • 2000 – Sawyer purchases an additional eight properties in Maryland and Washington, D.C., totaling 2,300 units
  • 2001 – Sawyer purchases Seaport at Marina Bay, a 125-unit apartment complex, in Massachusetts and successfully converts to condominiums over the next 36 months
  • 2001 – Sawyer purchases 10 additional properties in Maryland, totaling 2,800 units
  • 2002 – Continuing to take advantage of the market in Maryland, Sawyer purchases a portfolio of 13 properties, totaling 4,300 units
  • 2003 – Growth continued in the portfolio with Sawyer purchasing a 15-property portfolio of 4,200 units, as well as an additional four properties, totaling 2,500 units, all in Maryland
  • 2003 – Sawyer expands into the Florida market with its purchase of two properties totaling 600 units
  • 2003 – Sawyer opens an office in Atlanta, GA in anticipation of growth in the southeast
  • 2004 – Sawyer continues its expansion in the southeast with the purchases of six properties, totaling 1,700 units, as well as an additional 11 properties in Maryland, totaling 2,200 units
  • 2003-2005 – Sawyer identifies shifts in different markets within Maryland and initiates sales of various properties, maximizing value for the investors
  • 2006 – Sawyer partners with Morgan Stanley and Onex Investments to purchase the Town & Country REIT, totaling 13,000 units, in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida
  • 2006 – Sawyer is identified as one of the largest landlords in the Baltimore metropolitan area
  • 2006-2012 – Sawyer executives and property management associates are active in state and national organizations
  • 2006 – Sawyer continues to identify shifts in the real estate market and divests properties where advantageous to maximize investor returns
  • 2006 – Sawyer recapitalizes the ownership of 18 properties, returning strong results to its investors
  • 2006 – Sawyer completes over $1.7 billion in annual transactions
  • 2007-2012 – Sawyer takes a conservative approach to the market as the economy stalls
  • 2008 – Sawyer consolidates offices, closing the Atlanta office
  • 2009 – Sawyer Executive Officer invited to participate in the Executive Leadership Session of the NAA annual conference. Over 30 executives were chosen throughout the country to participate in these private forums. Attendance at the national conference was over 6,000 real estate professionals
  • 2012 – Sawyer takes on an asset manager role, transferring management to a new partner in a 14-property portfolio, totaling 8,300 units
  • 2013-2016 – Sawyer initiates a cautious plan to purchase where advantageous, purchasing nine properties over the course of the next few years

Awards & Recognition

Over the years, Sawyer has been recognized by real estate industry organizations for the high level of excellence achieved by our community, marketing, and executive teams. We have received recognition of award and accomplishment by the following organizations:

  • PACE Awards
  • MMHA Star Awards
  • PMA Marketing and Advertising Excellence Awards
  • Delta Awards
  • Association of Apartment Homes Award
  • Greater Birmingham Home Builders Award
  • Delaware Apartment Association Award
  • Tri-City Apartment Association Award