Sawyer Realty Holdings LLC Core Operating Philosophies

Sawyer Realty Holdings LLC (Sawyer) relies upon a set of operating philosophies that have served the company well since its inception over 25 years ago. Each element helps the Sawyer team achieve measurable results in accomplishing the objectives of the company, its lenders, and its investors.

Core Operating Philosophies

  • Profitability Icon Profitability
  • Focus Icon Focus
  • Risk Tolerance Icon Risk Tolerance
  • Community Involvement Icon Community Involvement
  • Portfolio Development Portfolio Development
  • Leadership Icon Leadership
  • Technology Icon Technology


Achieve a 100% leased rate on all properties.

Portfolio Development

Acquire properties considered to have excellent potential, stabilize them, bring them to SAWYER standards, and then bring them into our portfolio.


Remain focused on SAWYER strengths and partner needs and provide good investment value.


Recruit the best and the brightest, challenge them with ambitious goals, and reward them above industry standards.

Risk Tolerance

Maintain a culture based on proactive management, encourage high-involvement and team thinking. Promote decision-making that accepts above average risk tolerance when the potential for a high return is evident.


Employ the latest technologies to enhance communication channels and the exchange of timely, accurate information to support intelligent, decentralized decision making.

Community Involvement

Maintain professional relationships in the property management community and with governing agencies and continue successful corporate outreach programs.